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Ever since the mid Seventies when I started building and remodeling homes in Portland and the surrounding communities, I've continually sought out the best subcontractors and material sources this area had to offer. My main focus was to work with craftsmen who had the same approach to customer satisfaction as myself. Together we would provide our clients and future owners with truly wonderful homes they could enjoy for generations to come.

I believe in long term relationships, whether it's with my subs, suppliers or my clients. As a result, most of my business over the past 37 years has been a result of "word of mouth" advertising.

The difference

I've heard my Clients say things like..."I don't know what it is, but I can tell the difference. My house feels solid when I close the doors" or "the dishes in the China cabinet don't rattle when I walk across the room." As I hear these comments, I think about the hundreds of little steps we took during construction to add to the quality of our client's day to day life. Things like the way the floors are screwed down to help prevent squeaks, using kiln dried lumber to minimize settling and vacuuming the floors before carpeting is installed in order to reduce future dust. Although these are all simple steps to take, they will make a substantial difference to an owner over the lifetime of the house.


Having started right here in Portland as a carpenter's apprentice in the late sixties, I've been fortunate enough to have worked with many dedicated tradespeople over the years. Early in my career, I remember the talent and precision of the genuine "Old World Craftsmen" as they proudly passed on their knowledge and "tricks of the trade" to those who were willing to listen. Even though the building industry has changed significantly over the years, craftsmanship will never go out of style.

I should also mention our weather

Having lived and worked in Oregon most of my life, I've developed a great deal of respect for the weather and the construction challenges associated with our climate. As part of our "Standard Building Practices", we treat every wall opening as though it were a potential source of a leak, regardless if it's a window, door, light fixture, water faucet, etc. Each is addressed using details and products provided by waterproofing experts and industry professionals. We make extensive use of flashings and specialized membranes, as well as breathable vapor barriers that eliminate water intrusion while allowing moisture to escape. The issue of dealing with moisture, including inspecting, documenting and photographing the work performed, is critical and we will continue to follow the advances and products that are constantly being developed & improved.

I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your project with you and to share many other unique steps we take to ensure that your home is Built for Your Life.... Built for Your Lifetime.

Thank You,
Paul Marto

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